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The application case of the downhole rescue robot -- time is
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
The key to the downhole rescue is the time!
Case 1: a 7 year old boy in Zhengzhou fell into a thermal well and died.
A 7 year old boy plays near the heating well. The thermal well is not covered. The thermal well is located at the northwest corner of cotton spinning road and Tongbai road. The depth of the well is about 8 meters, and there is continuous white water mist coming out at the wellhead. After the mass alarm, because the water temperature in the heating pipe below is relatively high, the firefighters did not enter the well for the first time to rescue, but failed to rescue by the well connected by the fire. Firefighters rised down to the well, but less than a minute later, they were forced by hot water. After two hours of exhausting heat by a draught fan, two firefighters went down to the thermal well. They changed into waterproof clothes, and finally identified the location of their children in the heating pipeline. The rescue lasted 5 hours! Hot air to the fire fighters can not hold up! Time is life! At last the little boy saved the death.
Case two: Hebei Baoding boy fell 40 meters deep well 60 excavators emergency rescue
In November 2016, the national sensation case, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun two children with his father came to the ground to Chinese cabbage, with a dry eye in the abandoned, 5 year old brother don't want to fall. After that, the government immediately launched a rescue. Immediately, the love groups organized by the society joined in the rescue, including the Baoding blue sky rescue team. 60 excavators went through more than 100 hours of work, and the result was that the little boy had no vital signs.
Summing up, every year all over the country staged such a scene of danger, fire and rescue is also in total nonstop busy, sometimes happy and sometimes sad, a few happy tears! An accident, either control the source and not let it happen, or the fact that the best and fastest solution can be put forward, and the adverse consequences will be reduced to the lowest! Time is life!
The number of casualties is increasing every year, and many research experts are trying to improve the rescue equipment.
At present, there are three main ways of underground rescue:
The first is to lift the small fire fighters into the underground and carry out the rescue by the life rope.
The two is when the rescue personnel can not enter the deep wells, hollowed out by bulldozers around Earth, an upper wells, in order to rescue;
The three is to hook a person's clothes with a hook.
The way for wells in narrow space, large depth and thin air situation, either because the rescue time is too long, resulting in underground personnel hypoxia; or wells around the loose soil facing collapse two danger; or the wellhead is too small, it is difficult to ensure the safety of the pull hook.
Is there a way or if there is a tool that can shorten the time of the rescue, and can fill the gap between the fire fighters and the rescue?
The answer is yes. After several years of research and development, Xi'an Yu Bo rescue robot has the functions of environmental detection, two-way voice transmission, waterproof, explosion-proof and other functions, enabling rapid, accurate, efficient, safe and scientific rescue. Can adapt to the minimum 30CM caliber, depth is not less than 50M, bearing capacity not less than 100KG deep well rescue.
Shortening the time spent in the rescue process is the highest tribute to life.

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