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Troubleshooting and troubleshooting of FANUC spot welding ro
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
After the 1 FANUCF-200iB seven axis spot welding robot's controller is out of power test, the controller sends the power to the controller. The robot report the servo fault and the fault code is SERVO-062. The fault code is reset: according to MENUS, SYSTEM, F1, [TYPE], master/cal to F3, RES_PCA to F4, and YES, the robot is still servoing the servo.
The fault code SERVO-062 is interpreted as SERVOBZALalarm (Group:%dAxis:%d). The possible reasons for the failure are as follows: (1) the battery stored on the robot encoder has no electricity or is damaged. The encoder pulse data is stored in 4 ordinary 1.5V 1 dry cells, measuring the voltage of each cell, all < 1.4V, and the voltage is obviously low. So the new battery is replaced, the fault is reset again, and the SERVO-062 fault is still reported. (2) the control board of the servo amplifier inside the controller is bad. 2 DC link voltage detection screws above the servo amplifier LED "D7" are measured. If the DC link voltage is > 50V, the control board of the servo amplifier can be determined. It is found that the voltage of the DC link is less than 50V, so the control board of the servo amplifier is in the normal state. Observe the LED color of P5V, P3.3V, SVEMG and OPEN on the control board of the servo amplifier.
It is confirmed that the output of the power supply voltage is normal, no external emergency stop signal is transmitted, and the communication with the master board of the robot is normal, and the damage of the control board of the servo amplifier is eliminated. 3. Damage of the line. The external line cable RM1, RP1 of the robot controller and the robot body check, RM1 power supply, robot servo motor brake control line, RP1 robot servo motor encoder signal and control power, end effector data storage battery on line, encoder. Plug the plug RP1, measurement terminals 5, 6, 18 control power supply voltage +5V, +24V are normal. Check the battery circuit data storage on the encoder and the robot, each axis servo motor encoder pulse control terminal consists of 1 to 10 terminals, terminals 8, 9, 10 +5V power, 4, 7 for the data retention of battery power, 5, 6 and 3 for the feedback signal for the grounding, 1, 2. First, the pulse control plug M1P of the M1 motor is extracted. The voltage at terminals 4 and 7 is 0. The same way to check the M2 to M7 motor is 0, which can determine the damage of the battery line on the encoder. It is found that the plug is buried in the water for a long time, and the line has been corroded seriously.
After the replacement of the line, the full axis zero of the robot is returned to "ZEROPOSITIONMASTER", and the backup program is restored to normal after the backup program is guided, and the fault is eliminated.
Case 2 FANUCR-2000iB/210F spot welding robot produces all the solder joints in the production of the first BIW, and the whole production line is offset. The following production is similar without any failure alarm.
According to the fault phenomena, roughly from the servo part of the fault, fault may cause the robot or robot welding mechanical deformation or offset. According to the maintenance experience, first check the robot body and robot welding mechanical parts, found no abnormalities. (2) artificially tamper the PNS0010 program or lead the wrong PNS0010 program. See the PNS0010 program's revision date through the robot indicator, and find that the PNS0010 program is not modified. After the latest PNS0010 program, the failure still exists. The coordinate change of the robot tool. According to the following steps to initialize the robot and guide system backup program: disconnect the power supply controller, power supply controller and press open teaching, F1 and F5 function key device on the 3 - 1 - MENUS - MC is inserted into the memory card, 4, variables, 72, a robot named MC, ensure that the robot name and storage storage system card backup program folder name identical to MENUS and 5, file, F4, [RESTOR], 5, allofabove, F4, [YES], press the FCTN key to 1, START (COLD), the failure phenomenon disappeared.
The robot is initialized and guided into the system backup program. After the cold start, it is taught again, and the fault is excluded.
Case 3, during the working process of FANUCR-2000iB/165F six axis spot welding robot, the J4 arm's automatic gliding phenomenon occurred. The robot reported servo failure and the failure code was SERVO-023. The code was interpreted as SERVOStoperrorexcess (Group:%1).
Axis:%4), when the motor is stopped, an overservomotor position error is produced.
When the robot is stopped at any position, the J4 axis of the robot has the phenomenon of automatic slide, the other 5 axes are normal, and it is confirmed that it belongs to the J4 axis fault of the robot.
Because the J1 ~ J6 shaft reducer has just changed the oil, failure may be due to the robot servo motor in the motor oil seal wear, the brake will lead to bad, the robot is fixed.
After replacing the J4 axis M4 servo motor, the single axis zero point of the J4 axis is returned to "SINGLEAXISMASTER", and the fault is ruled out after the trial operation.

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