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Analysis of the basic functions of spot welding robot
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
The requirements of the spot welding for the robots used are not very high. Just because the welding position control for trajectory welding between points is not strict. This is the first reason that robots can only be used for spot welding. The robot for spot welding must not only have enough load capacity, but also need to move faster and faster when moving between points and points, so that the movement must be stable and the location must be accurate, so as to reduce the time of shifting and improve the work efficiency.
Spot welding robot needs to have the load ability, depending on the form of the holder. For the transformer and the separation electrode holder, 30 ~ 45kg load of the robot is enough. However, the holder hand because the two cable line length, power loss, is not conducive to the robot will extend into the workpiece holder inside welding; on the other hand, the cable with the robot movement and swing, cable damage faster. Therefore, the current increased gradually with one type holder. The holder together with transformer quality at about 70kg.
Taking into account the robot will have adequate capacity, the greater the acceleration will be sent to the space position of the welding tongs, generally choose the heavy load robot 100 ~ 150kg. In order to adapt to the continuous spot welding tongs for short distance fast shift requirements. The new heavy-duty robot increases the ability to complete the 50mm displacement in 0.3s. This is a higher requirement for the performance of the motor, the computing speed and the algorithm of the microcomputer.

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