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Spot welding art spot welding robot brings high efficiency a
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
When it comes to "spot", we first thought is jumping sparks and high temperature workshop, heavily armed welding workers...... In fact, from the moment the spot welding robot entered the workshop, the time mark of the handheld welding gun was over.
At present, the high efficiency, flexibility, automation and intelligentization of the spot welding process have become an important development trend of advanced welding equipment. The welding robot is also going through the direction of the multi sensing, intelligent flexible robot workstation or multi robot working group from the single machine teaching and reproduction.
Production line of spot welding robot
The simple production line of the spot welding robot is to connect a number of workstations with the conveyer lines of the workpiece to form a production line. The production line still maintains the characteristics of single station, that is, each station can only use the selected workpiece jig and welding robot program to weld the predetermined workpiece. During the period before changing the fixture and program, the line can not weld other workpieces.


Spot welding robot
The flexible production line of spot welding is a more advanced production line. The flexible line is also made up of several stations. The different parts are mounted on the uniform form of the pallet by the welders, and the pallet can be matched with any of the stations on the line, and it is automatically clamped. Generally, there is a track child vehicle for welding flexible line. The child car can move the point piece firmly from the storage station and send it to the vacant welding robot workstation's location machine. The welded workpiece can be removed from the workstation and sent to the outflow position of the finished product. The whole flexible welding line is controlled by a dispatching computer. Therefore, no one or less people can be produced at night as long as it is assembled well enough in the daytime and placed in the storage site.
In comparison, all two kinds of production lines have their own application environment. The welding machine is suitable for large batch, slow changing products, and the number of welds is less, longer and the shape is regular. The welding robot system is generally suitable for medium and small batch production, and the welds of the welders can be short and more complicated. Flexible welding lines are especially suitable for many products and small quantities in each batch. At present, foreign enterprises are energetically promoting the management mode of production without stock and according to the order of order. It is more appropriate to adopt flexible welding line in this case.
Application of spot welding robot in production
There are two most common methods in the application of spot welding robot, that is, spot welding and arc welding. The application of industrial robots in the field of welding was first started from the resistance spot welding of the assembly line of the automobile. The reason is that the resistance spot welding process is relatively simple, easy to control, and does not require seam tracking. It has low control accuracy and repeatability accuracy for robot.
The biggest characteristic of robotic arc welding is flexibility, which can change the welding track and welding sequence at any time by programming, so it is most suitable for the products with large variation, short weld and complex shape. This is just in line with the features of automobile manufacturing. Especially in modern society, the speed of updating automobile style is very fast. The car production line equipped with robot can adapt to this kind of change very well.
Application of welding robot in the automobile assembly line of automobile assembly welding can greatly improve the productivity and quality of welding, and has the characteristics of flexible welding, as long as the change program, can be on the same line of different models of welding assembly.
Data statistics, in China, the spot welding robot about 46% of the total number of welding robots, mainly used in automobile, agricultural machinery, motorcycle and other industries. Usually, the white body of a car should be welded with 4000~6000 solder joints. Only by using robot as the core to form a flexible welding production line, can we achieve mass production and adapt to the development requirements of new product development and multi variety production in the future.
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