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       Xi'an Yubo Robot System Technology Co., Ltd. is a private R & D institutions, is committed to directional technology services to the army, police, civilian intelligent robot technology, in-depth development of unmanned factory to solve relevant technical research program, the field of automatic control. The technical team of the company involves many technical fields, such as electronics, electrics, software, machinery, communications, vision, etc..
1. robot system technology development
      Research and development of military and police special robots, reconnaissance, rescue operations, solve the special applications of equipment needs, the current has been used to design a special robot for a variety of equipment.
      Study the application of civil robot technology, apply robot technology to industry production, daily maintenance, as well as provide daily care and rehabilitation assistive robot equipment for people with physical inconvenience. At present, it has provided a number of robot equipment solutions for airport applications, nuclear power emergency.
2. unmanned factory Solutions Research
      The robot technology is applied to industrial production areas, for electrical and electronic equipment production, meet the actual needs of the unmanned production level system solutions for the production, from raw materials into the plant to the equipment from a series of technical links, reduce human consumption and improve product quality control.
3. automation technology services
      Provide customers with automatic control field technical support, provide integrated solutions, technical program demonstration, providing automatic control field, directional technology development, system construction services.
   At present, Xi'an reputation for a number of units and companies to provide system level solutions, a number of self - research products are also in the process of further research and development.
   Professional casting, the future has come!

Xian Yu Bo Robot System Technology Co., Ltd.


address:Xian Gao Xin Qu Gazelle Valley Park

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