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Lightweight special operation robot PRP-100
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
Product brief:
    PRP-100 is a can adapt to the special environment, can help attack the EOD, operation high mobile robot platform equipment. It can change the current equipment terrain adaptability is not strong, too heavy, the need for vehicle transport, single function, high cost situation.
    PRP-100 is made of lightweight materials, the weight of which is much lower than the traditional equipment, and can be carried to the working site after folding. The composite power system and structure can realize the high-speed moving of the paving road and the reliable moving of the stairs and muddy road surface.
    Variable center of gravity is used to solve the problem of balance, dexterous manipulator, single arm or double arm, photoelectric operation equipment. The basic structure of the quadruped, expanded with great span, can sink large obstacles.
    Energy and communications support equipment independent, capable of remote layout to the danger zone, continuous operation.
Technical parameter
1. video corresponding time: 500ms
2. white light and infrared target detection
3. grab radian: 120 degrees
4. control form: remote control
5. load 100Kg
6. grab 20Kg
7. independent operation time: 3 hours
8. barrier free control distance: 1Km
9. average travel speed: 20Km/h
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