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Small police police hit one robot PRF-100
browse: Release date :2017-12-05

Product brief:
    PRF-100 is a special police dexterous robot equipment used to remove suspects hiding in buildings and bunkers. In the police operation to rescue the hijacked target. While improving operational efficiency, reduce security risks faced by police officers.
    PRF-100 is a deformable robot, folded volume is equivalent to a pop can, after activation of active elastic outer protection shell, and began to search, with the equipment after the target recognition and active tracking, automatic movement, but also by the operation of remote control terminal.
    It can carry high bandwidth communication equipment, visible light or infrared equipment, effectively synchronize data transmission and tracking target. Special optical fiber release mechanism, the use of anti radio interference. By supporting the broken window on the mute, automatic bomb into the robot, hidden operation. Using a combination of ground and air laying equipment, the realization of robot remote control.
    Supporting hand-held equipment delivery, covert launch to the target area for target removal.
Technical parameter:
1. full length 182mm
2. fuselage diameter 110mm
3. control distance to the building environment 30m
4. drop height up to 10m
5. infrared illumination: 0.5LUX
6. continuous running time up to 4 hours
7. charging time: 90min
8. low cost, suitable for mass use
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