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【Yubo】Intelligence - start from here!
browse: Release date :2017-12-05

After decades of extensive development, industry and related technology in China completed the construction of foundation and accumulation system, but with the continuous progress of the industry, the industry problems caused by taking economic development as the first consideration of the environment continue to emerge, the lack of core technology, the processing capacity is limited, the lack of strong R & D team, the new technology extension industry shortage, matching is not perfect and so on a series of problems seriously affect the development of the industry. In this situation, the traditional equipment is being replaced by high and new technology and equipment so as to promote the upgrading of the industry.


Now, China's industry is being made from China to China. In view of the current level of technology development in China, the prospect of new technology and new equipment is quite broad. Xi'an reputation and Bo Robot System Technology Co., Ltd. came into being. We focus on building a strong special robot, automation technology and information technology research and development organization. With high technology and equipment research and development as the main body, we will continue to expand and occupy the bridgehead for future military, police and civil special robots through continuous technological development and market operation.

Technical ability

Company's core technical capability is built on Robotics and automation system, materials, electronics, communications, target identification, software development and other technical content of in-depth grasp, breakthroughs in key technologies, the design strategy of equipment system is reasonable and practical, the system level design ability and the depth of the run in high efficient with the R & D team.

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address:Xian Gao Xin Qu Gazelle Valley Park

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