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Is China ready for the 4 era of industry?
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
At present, less than 5% of China's enterprises can independently formulate and implement digital technology solutions. Such enterprises represented by HUAWEI and Haier have also become leaders of 4 of their industries.
McKinsey's latest industrial 4 research report shows that although most of the interviewed Chinese manufacturing enterprises are looking forward to the opportunities brought by digital transformation, nearly half of the enterprises haven't prepared for the upcoming or coming transformation.
In 2015, the State Council issued the programme of action of "making China 2025" and put forward a series of goals, and the transformation of China's manufacturing industry is being paid attention by the whole world. According to statistics, there have been more than 1000 domestic private equity funds and venture capital invested in 4 industries. The Chinese manufacturing giants are trying to provide sponsorship and investment for local technology suppliers or value chain participants in order to get more opportunities for integration. The central and local governments are also energetically investing in industrial 4 projects.
But are Chinese manufacturing companies really ready to meet the digital transformation of the industrial 4 era?
In a report entitled "4 industrial era: digital transformation to achieve the upgrading of the manufacturing industry Chinese" report, a global management consulting firm McKinsey for 130 companies of various industries on behalf of the survey found that nearly 80% of respondents expect 4 to Chinese industrial manufacturing enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, by contrast, the United States Germany and Japan have similar manufacturing enterprises expect the ratio is only 57%, 50% and 54%.
Although Chinese manufacturing enterprises have great enthusiasm and expectations for industry 4, only 57% of Chinese enterprises believe they have already prepared for industrial 4, which is lower than that of American enterprises (71%) and German enterprises (68%).
Digitalization is not just the installation and use of automation equipment. Business management structure, ideas and capabilities, digital operation, and cooperation with governments, consultants, investors and research institutions are also the focus of digital transformation.
At present, the digital transformation scheme lacks a clear division of responsibilities and a systematic implementation path, which is the biggest obstacle in the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises. "Only 9% of Chinese enterprises think they have a clear responsibility distribution, and 6% of them have a clear road map. The US, Japan and Germany do better than those of Chinese enterprises. Wang Ping, director partner of McKinsey Global Director and head of China's advanced industry consultancy, introduced the news conference at the press conference.
According to McKinsey report, less than 5% of China's enterprises can independently develop and implement digital technology solutions. Such enterprises represented by HUAWEI and Haier have also become leaders of 4 of their industries. More than half of the manufacturers, though semi automated by configuring automation equipment, still lack digital management capabilities. The remaining three or four companies are still in the initial stage of serious dependence on human labor.
With the development of machine tool industry as an example, as currently the world's largest producer and consumer of machine, although Chinese machine tool enterprises in state support, to speed up the high-end machine key components research and development, and achieved certain results, such as the Ji'nan two machine tool developed the first domestic high-speed automatic punching full servo line, stamping technology reaches the leading level in the world. But the Chinese machine tool enterprises are more concentrated in the middle and low end market, and the high-end machine tool market is still dominated by the traditional machine tool enterprises of Germany and Japan.
"The direction of the upgrading of machine tool industry is completely opposite to the long-term inherent advantages of the machine tool manufacturing industry in China." China Machine Tool Industry Association executive vice president and Secretary General Chen Huiren previously said, "China's machine tool industry is not the face, but the depth."
Is not a "one size fits all" industrial enterprises need 4 China scheme, but the roadmap tailored, including the realization of digital energy optimization and automation lean transformation, high quality digital business model, the development of innovative products and business models, consumer demand-oriented business strategy etc.. The report predicts that these opportunities will increase the growth of China's manufacturing capacity to 6.5% in the next 15 years.
In addition, the report also mentioned that the excessive enthusiasm of industrial 4 in manufacturing enterprises may lead to irrational investment and waste of resources for equipment and tools.

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