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What is the layout of artificial intelligence in the securit
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
Video surveillance industry has always been the obvious pain point need to be resolved, 10 years ago, in some high-end industry analysis technology, video (IVS) can be said to the precise positioning of "pain points", but "heart and not from the" bottom line without publicity plus some bad security vendors, causing users very disappointed "video analysis products". At the time, "video analysis technology" was based on "background modeling + foreground extraction", and it was not satisfactory in the aspects of anti-interference, accuracy, misinformation and so on. Even some unscrupulous manufacturers, PS was the leading OV company product information, but its not as if it were raining flowers blowing, some related technologies, direct comparison of Low VMD technology, IVS technology into packaging.
10 years later, with the development of chips, the effect and experience of intelligent products based on deep learning algorithm in the field of face and license plate, let users gradually realize the true "intelligence", bring value and let industry users regain confidence. Although AI is now flying all over the sky, but the future really dare to propagate their own "AI+ security" of all 35. AI is no longer a single camera, a NVR or an encoder's "weak intelligence", but a system involving the front and rear ends. AI is about algorithm, data and user. No large security project data accumulation and support, how to talk about deep learning and artificial intelligence? The future barriers of the security industry will not be in the single hard device (camera, VCR), not in the soft algorithm (face recognition, license plate recognition, etc.), but in the accumulation of monopolistic big data and the understanding and response to users' needs.
In robotics, unmanned, UAV, face recognition, intelligent voice technology to mature, artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as "AI") the beginning of a wave swept across the world, and has become a new driving force of technological change and even lead the transformation of human society. It is expected that the AI technology will have a subversive impact on its industry. So, when the security and AI encounter, what kind of spark will be rubbed out?
One, AI natural test ground
Security and AI have a deep origin. More than ten years ago, intelligence was closely combined with video surveillance technology to "hatch" the first generation of intelligent monitoring system. Nowadays, intelligent monitoring system has been covered in many applications. The application of AI technology gives the security industry a preliminary taste of sweetness, the combination of the next step and the depth of association, or a more gorgeous color. The security industry is even expected to be the first breakthrough for AI to move towards industrial applications.
Two years ago, nine ministries issued "several opinions on strengthening the work of networking application of video monitoring of the construction of public security, government began efforts to strengthen public safety in the field of investment and construction, as of now, the country more than half of the camera has completed the upgrade of HD, with security monitoring applications is to advance, huge data flow be pregnant fertile soil for rapid development of AI application security.
At the same time, the industry users including public security, transportation, finance, building and other fields demand a strong demand for the efficiency enhancement of the security system. The emergence of massive data leads to the urgent need for data processing and deep excavation. The combination of AI and security technology will solve the problem of handling security and large data processing.
Furthermore, the intelligent application of security industry has been mature, and the existing image recognition algorithm has been able to meet the requirements of security monitoring. At this stage, application of AI technology in security field more diversified, for face recognition traffic node authentication such as applied to the airport, train station, bus station and other transportation hubs; deployed in vehicle identification, road scenes such as face recognition; installed in the building of the passenger flow statistics, face recognition.
Two, security men follow up
AI is regarded as a new round of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, and is also an important outlet for enterprises to seize the opportunity to develop the future. In the case of technology bottlenecks, the mainstream security enterprises, like finding the beacon of the front, began to stare at the AI and lay out the layout.
In 2015, Kang launched AI based deep learning technology "Falcon" and "blade" structured server, in 2016 issued a "eye" camera, "Super Brain" NVR, "facebook" face analysis server and a variety of AI products, and the initial formation of market coverage. Kang Hu Yangzhong respondents said, for Hikvision, AI is not a concept, Hikvision launched from front to back a full range of AI products, give full play to the overall solution for users to create value. The Future Ltd will also integrate AI technology into more products and strive for more breakthroughs.
And Dahua shares of the same first echelon, also established the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in the third quarter of 2016, and aggravated the focus of AI. In March this year, the company combined with NVIDIA released a variety of "wisdom" series of front-end and back-end smart devices.
In addition, in recent years many years, there are some domestic security benchmarking enterprises also issued a dense deep learning platform and related results. For example, the analysis of Coda Falcon personnel bayonet system and Falcon structured, structured intelligent cloud of a new generation of large capacity distributed ivisions codenamed "Kunlun" the analysis server and open as is known as "the world's first thinking smart camera" - MegEye C1. In addition to the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of Wuling Technology (based on the global AI brand and the implication of all things), net force has also led the establishment of the Vientiane AI research institute.
AI into the security of the curtain has been opened, of course, this is not a Chinese enterprise's unicorn, foreign companies are also interested in following up. The day before, Hanwha group also announced that it will strengthen AI's security products and solutions based on Competitive Intelligence at. Han Hua said that the cooperation will focus on intelligent video analysis platform based on the development of the use of NVIDIA, deep learning algorithm, through the camera or storage medium to provide users with fast and accurate analysis of video data. Through this AI video analysis platform, Han Hua will focus on developing AI intelligent products that can automatically detect abnormal movements. Han Ed Teco, head of Samsung Tyco, said: "our cooperation with Nvidia enables us to move towards future security solutions based on AI and in-depth learning, so as to continue to enhance our technological competitiveness in the market."
In addition, international factories including SONY, BOSCH and so on are also studying the landing application of AI. It is estimated that in the coming year, innovative safety products related to AI concept will also be launched.
Three. Where is the "AI+ security" in the future?
At this stage, in addition to winning the positive response of the industrial giants, the concept of "AI+ security" has also gained a national level of policy support. Last June, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the central information office jointly launched the "Internet" three year action plan for artificial intelligence to speed up the development of AI industry. The main task of "plan" set will be mentioned in the application of intelligent security as the focus of the field of artificial intelligence product innovation: proposed the implementation of intelligent security projects to promote, encourage enterprises and Internet companies to carry out security cooperation, intelligent security product development integration of image and video accurate identification, biometric recognition, encoding recognition and other technologies, promote intelligent, intensive and network security products.
It supports the research and transformation of intelligent perception technology for social security, industrial safety and natural disasters such as fire, harmful gas, earthquake and epidemic situation, and promotes the application deployment of intelligent security solutions.
Support part of the conditional community or city to carry out public safety demonstration area demonstration based on AI, and speed up intelligent transformation and upgrading of key public area security devices.
It is foreseeable that the driving and subversive power of AI technology to the security industry is far more than the previous high-definition video and intelligent analysis. With the acceleration of AI technology in the field of security, AI will set off a new round of intelligent security reform and construction upsurge.
The intellectualization of security application is the invariable track for the development of industry, and the combination mode of "AI+ security" provides the source power for the development of industry and finally enters the intellectualization stage. Along with the gradual development of security industry towards intelligence, the real-time intelligent video surveillance system equipped with AI technology will become the core of the application of Internet of things in safe city, intelligent transportation, smart business, smart home and other fields.
For now, a variety of vertical application functions based on AI technology, such as exit card authentication, road monitoring, regional crowd monitoring, case analysis system and other vertical functions, accelerate penetration in the field of security. The integration of AI technology will enrich the connotation and dimension of intelligent security, and accelerate the landing of security Internet of things, and promote intelligent security to a higher level of smart security.

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