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Intelligent innovation of electrical connection in the age o
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
The book "the age of intelligence - redefining the future of big data and the intelligence revolution" believes that the current intellectual revolution is big data and machine intelligence. In the intelligent revolution, the existing industry will be upgraded into a new industry and bring unlimited opportunities after the new technology is adopted. There is no doubt that the proposal of the industrial Internet of things provides a new breakthrough for the "China made 2025" and the industrial 4.
In the same connection, Internet Co realized the purpose of connection. The pure technology driven company represented by TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as "TE") realized the technological path in the connection process with continuous innovation. From Mars probe to submarine communication network, from electric vehicle to wearable fitness tracker, from smart home appliances to intelligent buildings, about 500000 kinds of products designed and manufactured by TE are connected with all kinds of devices, products and data flowing in people's daily work and life. As a silent paid hero, as a leader in the field of global connectivity and sensing, TE's grassroots technology innovation can predict or even lead the development direction of the Internet of things to some extent.
In the winter season, TE industrial senior vice president and general manager of global Lars Brickenkamp took office after the first visit to Chinese. Lars Brickenkamp has held senior positions in the SRA Vision AG, Feinikesi, IEE Repro, Elektronik, Molex and Foxconn, and in Eastern Europe, Russia, Slovenia and other countries and regions, has 25 years of experience in the industry, industrial automation market experts in hand. What is interesting is that Lars Brickenkamp has referred to his joining TE as "return". 25 years ago, he worked at AMP (ANP), and later AMP was bought by TE, and Lars was essentially a member of TE.
In December 16, 2016, the winter sun, Lars Brickenkamp and TE of Chinese industrial zone and Southeast Asia region vice president and general manager He Youzhi said, accept China industrial network interview in TE headquarters in Shanghai, tells the story of all things Internet era TE smart innovation, connecting the future macro slightly.
Demand oriented continuous innovation
"Turning ideas into innovative products" - the TE has a deep strength behind the demands of the self and the commitment to the customer.
"We have 72000 employees worldwide, including design engineer 7000", "2015 fiscal year, we invested $625 million in research and engineering field, the annual innovation investment accounted for more than 5%", "more than 25% of the sales from new products", "more than 13500 patents have been approved, or in the application" "TE Chinese, nearly more than 2000 engineers, accounting for TE of the 30% global R & D team, the speed of nearly two years of increasing state", in the Lars Brickenkamp introduction, can deeply feel the TE attaches great importance to the "people" and "innovation", the starting point of all is nothing more than "TE attaches great importance to the customer".


He said that TE can invest in solving problems ahead of time, and create solutions together with customers. At the same time, we don't forget to improve added value in solving connection problems and solve other problems for customers. Up to now, TE has developed a pioneering connection and sensor solution that covers almost all industries. The technology created by TE has changed the past and continued to affect the future. For that reason, in 2015, TE had been selected by Thomson Reuters for the "top 100 Innovation Agency" list for fifth years in a row.
"Especially today, the interconnectivity of all things has become a trend of globalization." Lars Brickenkamp said. Along with the networking for the sensor and the connector needs exponentially, according to the U.S. information technology research and analysis firm Gartner predicts that by 2020 the networking equipment installation base will exceed 26 billion units, compared to 900 million in 2009, an increase of 30 times; the diversification of the terminal market sales will bring global economic added value of $1 trillion and 900 billion. TE conforms to the tide and adjusts the future development strategy: transforming from a single product provider to an intelligent device supplier and a solution provider.
Face the challenges of Chinese competitors
In the course of industrial development, the West has been leading the innovation and development of technology. "To develop in the field of connection and sensing, the west is a natural transition of" coming to life ". To achieve physical connection, the first step is power transmission. The second step is data import. In the west, the needs of this area have been raised earlier, thus promoting the change and progress of technology. " Lars Brickenkamp said, however, in recent ten years, China has undergone tremendous changes. It is changing from an industrial technology importing country to a technology exporting country. More and more demands make it a change driver, and the global pattern is changing.
In the TE global business map, 1 / 3 originate from Europe, 1 / 3 are from Asia, and 1 / 3 are planted in America. TE is close to factories and engineering departments and customers in every area, so as to facilitate rapid response to customer needs and support customer needs adjustment from production, design and other aspects. China has no doubt become the "strategic place" of TE, not only serving local users, but also radiating the Asian market.
"As early as 1989, TE was stationed in China and opened its first factory in Shanghai." Ho Ho said, at present, TE has about 30 thousand employees in China, including 2000 professional engineers, 20 production bases and 3 R & D centers, providing the most suitable products and corresponding solutions for Chinese local customers.
Compared with the suppliers of comprehensive industrial products, TE, which is small, beautiful, intelligent and full, has its unique competitiveness. It plays a fundamental but irreplaceable role in transportation, consumer electronics, energy and industry, network and other fields. However, even with the high house, TE still maintains the vigilance of the competitors.
Talking about local brands in China, he is directly talking about it as "a competitor that is well worth considering and worrying for TE". They have their own advantages in technology and production, and they also include flexibility, sensitivity and flexibility to the market. He said, for this reason, TE has always attached great importance to the development of China and continued to invest more. As of 2014, completed in China the first private enterprises (sibas, now incorporated into the TE industry) in acquisitions, expansion of production capacity at the same time, help local enterprises to improve production management operation and maintenance standards in the context of globalization, to seek new development with a global perspective; with the factory in Suzhou in March next year officially put into operation, TE Ministry of industry factory in China increased to 2 China; and the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Institute of science and Technology Association, jointly issued Chinese engineer power Chinese innovation index, intelligent manufacturing, etc..
Open intelligent connections on a global platform
Just as the "new technology + traditional industry = new industry" mentioned at the beginning of the article. Lars Brickenkamp thinks that the connection they talk about is a broader sense of connection, not only the connection between devices and devices at the physical level, but also the interaction between Chinese and Western cultures.
And this is where the advantages of TE: global operations platform, so far, the TE operation range has been all over the world more than 45 countries and regions; the globalization of production platform, optimization of localization services, its production facilities deployed in more than 25 countries and regions; the global customer service experience and demand of mining customers in more than 150 countries all over the world and area; wide service area, covering products across from the industrial to consumer electronics, equipment, electric power, aerospace, petroleum, construction and other industries, Home Furnishing. China is one of the most important business growth engines of TE, and TE has more than 20 factories in China and has contributed more than 20% to the total sales of TE. In addition to sales, TE has three R & D centers in China. The TE Industry Department has two production bases in Suzhou and Xiamen, and nearly 2000 engineers in TE, accounting for 30% of TE global R & D team, has been increasing in recent two years.



In the wave of intelligent manufacturing, how does TE stand in the industry leading position to seize the opportunity of the industrial chain? Lars Brickenkamp expresses that continuous innovation has accumulated profound technological conditions for TE. The challenge they face is more in keeping eggs in the right time, keeping pace with the development of the industry and making the right investment.
Based on TE's understanding of the trend of global development and the understanding of Internet of things, he said that in recent years, TE has focused on industrial robots, new energy vehicles, rail transit and other fields in China. As a non-contact connection scheme of non-contact ARISO connection technology, can keep the high precision operation under harsh conditions, applied to the robot end and is not easy to place the traditional connector field; small connector industry Mini high performance I / O connector, used in robot control process; in harsh environments launched connector solutions plan, can meet the needs of industrial machinery, electric power facilities and railway areas such as customer demand. In 2017, TE will continue to develop in the related fields, and seek more new solutions in the field of the Internet of things and get more opportunities.
Relying on the global market layout, strong R & D team and vertical market strategy, TE will play its unique advantages and contribute to the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China and the world. Lars Brickenkamp said that as the TE localization strategy continues to deepen, I believe that the future of TE will be better developed in China.
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