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The Ministry of industry and credit is the first to push sma
browse: Release date :2017-12-05
  The Ministry of industry and credit is the first to push smart manufacturing to make up the global industrial development system next year
Due to the advocacy of "industrial 4" and the policy support of "China made 2025", China has accelerated the pace of upgrading manufacturing industry from "manufacturing" to "intellectual creation". In this process, with the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, the development of China's intelligent manufacturing has been very effective.
With the upgrading of global manufacturing industry and the transfer of economic market, around the strongest manufacturing countries, the global manufacturing industry has formed three leading regional clusters: Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. The Asia Pacific regional cluster is developed by China, Japan and South Korea as the axis of the country. With the rapid development of industrialization, China has become a big manufacturing world, but to achieve the span from big to strong, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is an arduous task, the development of intelligent manufacturing manufacturing industry as an important manifestation of digital, intelligent, can not only improve the manufacturing capacity, but also to improve product quality, more can respond to China's current labor and reduce labor costs continue to rise the problem.
The Ministry of industry and information (Ministry of industry and information) first pushed intelligent manufacturing in 2017
In January 26th, the Ministry of industry and information (Ministry of industry and information) held a national conference on industry and information work in Beijing to determine the six key tasks of the Ministry of industry and information (Ministry of industry and information) in 2017. Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, put forward at the conference that in 2017, the Ministry of industry and Commerce will focus on solving the outstanding problems faced by the industry development, based on the reality of China's economic and social development, and lay more emphasis on pragmatism and promote the construction of manufacturing power.
The conference confirmed that the Ministry of industry and Commerce will focus on next year, including adhering to the development of innovation driven development, fully implementing the "made in China 2025", deepening the development of manufacturing and Internet convergence, and cultivating the new mode of intelligent manufacturing, including six aspects. Among them, the relevant spokesman stressed that in 2017, the Ministry of industry and information will carry out the intelligent manufacturing project and continue to promote the intelligent manufacturing project. Efforts to create a "double" platform to support large-scale manufacturing enterprises, Internet companies, basic telecom enterprises to build a number of "double" service platform. Ramming the fusion foundation and safety support, implementing the "core fire" innovation plan and the sensor industry upgrading project.
Our country does not fall after the golden period of gold
Intelligent manufacturing is the general name of the advanced manufacturing process, system and mode based on the new generation of information technology. Intelligent manufacturing runs through all links of manufacturing activities such as design, production, management, service and so on, and has functions of information depth self perception, intelligence optimization, self decision making, precise control and self executing. At present, China's manufacturing industry is upgrading from "manufacturing" to "intelligent building". In the process of this upgrade, what investment opportunities are there to pay attention to?
Supported by the propaganda and Inspiration of "industry 4" and the policy of "made in China 2025", various governments in China have introduced policies such as talent introduction and project guidance, supporting intelligent manufacturing related projects. Support China intelligent manufacturing industry develops rapidly, gradually in each subdivision direction such as electric vehicles, lithium battery, new materials, key production lines and networking equipment and other industries, the formation of "smart power" wide opportunities to upgrade has become a consistent goal throughout the construction industry. In the process, with the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China has made remarkable progress. The key technology and equipment represented by high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots and intelligent instruments and meters have made positive progress. The robot industry is also rising to the national strategy. In the next 10 years, the robot industry will usher in trillions of scale. The development of Internet of things, sensors, 3D printing and other industries will also usher in trillions of scale in the future.
What is the advantage of China's intellectual manufacturing industry?
In April this year, DDT and the US competitiveness Commission released the report "2016 global manufacturing competitiveness index", pointing out that China was once again ranked the most competitive manufacturing country in 2016, but it is expected that in the next five years, China will drop to second place. With the integration of the manufacturing industry in the digital world and the physical world, advanced technology is the key to the release of the competitiveness of the future manufacturing industry. The cost advantage of China's factory manufacturing industry in China is now less than 5% and faces great challenges. In the next ten years, the cost of manufacturing industry in the US and China will be very small with the increase of labor costs, the improvement of us automation productivity and the depreciation of US dollar.
As a big manufacturing country rising by cost competitiveness, China is experiencing a dramatic change from industrial center to high value manufacturing industry, and is heading towards a more advanced manufacturing mode to integrate with the global innovative market. The resulting series of changes have created opportunities for other countries to strengthen them as a low - cost global manufacturing base. Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, the five Asia Pacific countries are expected in the next five years will be among the top 15 in the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. These countries have low labor cost, flexible manufacturing capacity, favorable market, population distribution and economic growth, the next five years, five strong competitiveness ranking will be increased, and China continued in the manufacturing sector will shift to higher value manufacturing mode and advanced technology.
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