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Xi'an Yubo Robot System Technology Co., Ltd. is a newly established private high-tech enterprises, the company is located in Xi'an high tech Industrial Development Zone, Tang Yan Road, construction technology has accumulated over the years of robotics and automation system based on the research and development, the company is mainly engaged in special machine equipment R & D and production, design and construction of unmanned factory, provide automation system and robotic equipment technical support and R & D facilities of foreign business.
With the progress of technology, labor costs continue to improve, will be widely used in the traditional robot equipment and special industries, further development of automation and robotics will face the historical opportunity, in the company of high technology content, high reliability and practicality of the principle of promoting the further development and application of robot technology and automation technology. To win a space for one person in the field. Professional cast, in the future!
Telephone contact: 86-029-81111636
Mobile contact: 86-17789103587
Mailbox: wlp201529@foxmail.com

Xian Yu Bo Robot System Technology Co., Ltd.


address:Xian Gao Xin Qu Gazelle Valley Park

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